Amit Ironi

Amit Ironi

About Amit

Amit Ironi comes to real estate with an enthusiasm for the industry, where she guides clients on everything from the mindset of buying and selling to successfully negotiating. With a degree in psychology and sociology, Amit is skilled at understanding her clients' needs while advising them on the right properties, vendors, and connections.

Amit is originally from Israel, where she served as a Commanding Officer in the Israeli Defense Force and supervised 800 soldiers, managing personnel and developing budgets while balancing operations and logistics. She's a skilled negotiator who approaches her work with passion, empathy, and a solutions-focused attitude to best serve her clients.

Beyond her time in the military, Amit coordinated large-scale events and community outreach initiatives for nonprofits and beyond. She's also a long-time fitness enthusiast and yoga instructor, where she helps private clients, from teenagers to senior citizens, focus on health, movement, and well-being.

Amit empowers buyers, sellers, and investors looking for viable real estate opportunities. She brings a creative problem-solving attitude to her work that often involves tapping her robust network to find the solutions her clients need. Her dedication to her work is palpable, with a fresh perspective on the market and a desire to build community through real estate.

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