Benjamin Ballarin

Benjamin Ballarin

About Benjamin

An experienced agent with an entrepreneurial drive, Benjamin cultivates his extensive professional background to bring forth his dedication, creativity, and charisma to his role as an agent.

Originally from Australia, Benjamin has spent the last two decades living between both New York City and Los Angeles. Amidst these major metros, Benjamin began his professional career in the fast-paced hospitality management industry, elevating his communication and client-service skill set. These skills have served him well, allowing for him to establish, build upon, and maintain a robust network spanning the U.S. and abroad.

A natural innovator who strives for success, Benjamin has not only started numerous programs, products, and applications, but has also driven these initiatives to prosperous outcomes. From streamlining distribution channels for consumer goods, to developing remote power sources, and most recently establishing the gaming application Plunge, which already has over 200,00 users, Benjamin is steadfast in his dedication to achieving valuable outcomes.

Alongside his forward-thinking and hardworking approach, Benjamin is renowned by his clients and colleagues for his transparency, reliability, and overall industry knowledge. These attributes have resulted in regular referrals from clients, who continually cite Benjamin’s unique ability to anticipate, evaluate, and handle complex transactions with finesse as the key to their successful real estate endeavors.

Specializing in Los Angeles’ competitive luxury market with a focus on the residential areas of West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, and surrounding neighborhoods, Benjamin carries his industry understanding, unwavering drive, and professional skill set to every deal. From researching off-market properties, to investigating expired listings, and conducting individualized outreach to potential buyers, Benjamin ensures that no opportunity goes overlooked.

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