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Born in Pasadena but also living in South America for 18+ years, Giovani's ability to fluently converse in both English and Spanish reflects his cultural versatility which enables him to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, adding a nice touch to the upscale real estate scene. Having this linguistic dexterity allows him to build deep and meaningful relationships in the culturally rich community of Los Angeles.
Giovani is recognized for his charismatic and extroverted personality, traits that blend well with his devoted work focus and meticulous attention to detail. This combination serves as the bedrock for establishing a foundation of trust with both clients and colleagues. Whether navigating through complex transactions or fostering relationships within the real estate community, Giovani's approach is rooted in authenticity and a genuine commitment to excellence.
Having graduated from California Polytechnic University, Giovani holds degrees in Business Administration and Marketing, showcasing a well rounded understanding of both the business and creative aspects of real estate. His academic background equips him with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions, while his keen eye for design and marketing leverage on presenting perspectives with a distinctive allure.
In his free time, you can find him enjoying the beach or hikes with his dog while also having memorable times with friends and family.

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