Meg Cerecedes

Meg Cerecedes

About Meg

Meg Cerecedes, is a dedicated professional specializing in delivering exceptional assistance to buyers and sellers across Southern California, with a particular focus in the Glendale and La Cañada regions. With fluency in both English and Armenian, Meg offers expert guidance to a diverse clientele, whether they are embarking on their first home purchase, investing in real estate, or preparing to sell their property. Meg’s exceptional patience, intuitive expertise, and profound knowledge of the local area make her an outstanding guide throughout the entire real estate process.

Meg’s motivation for becoming an agent stems from her belief that everyone deserves a place they can call home. She is dedicated to helping her clients find a residence where they can create cherished memories with their families and establish a lasting legacy. Meg’s primary role is to attentively listen to her clients’ needs and alleviate any concerns that may arise during the home buying process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Having been born abroad and raised in Glendale from an early age, Meg brings a unique perspective to her real estate career. Prior to entering the industry, she served as a head Language Arts teacher at a private school in La Cañada. This teaching background has equipped her with valuable skills that seamlessly transition into her role as a real estate professional. Meg effortlessly manages multiple tasks and details while maintaining an approachable and calm demeanor, ensuring that her clients feel heard and comfortable throughout their journey.

When she’s not assisting her clients or staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the real estate market, Meg enjoys spending quality time with her husband, two children, and their beloved dogs and cats. Her affection for animals and children has earned her the nickname ‘Snow White’ among family and friends. In her leisure time, Meg indulges in reading crime or mystery novels, watching horror movies, connecting with loved ones, supporting local businesses, and embarking on both local and international travel adventures. Additionally, she has a passion for baking and possesses a vast repository of random knowledge, making her an engaging conversationalist on various subjects.

For an expert and compassionate partner in your real estate journey, Meg Cerecedes is your trusted guide. Reach out today and let’s begin a conversation about your real estate goals.

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