Micah Wetanson

Micah Wetanson

About Micah

Micah is a University of California Santa Cruz graduate with a strong academic background in Legal Studies. Born and raised in California, he has experienced firsthand the diverse landscapes and vibrant communities that the state has to offer, from the sun-drenched beaches of San Diego to the bustling metropolises of Los Angeles and the Bay Area. This breadth of experience has endowed Micah with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the Golden State, making him a valuable resource for clients seeking real estate opportunities in California.

Growing up in a family deeply immersed in the real estate industry, Micah has always had a passion for the business. His exposure to the intricacies of the field from an early age has given him a natural understanding of the industry’s dynamics, which he brings to the table in his role at the Bond Street team. Known for his positive outlook and unwavering commitment to finding solutions, Micah is relied upon by the team to approach any challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

As a genuine team player with an impeccable attention to detail, Micah seamlessly assists clients, providing them with a personalized and authentic experience. He takes pride in going above and beyond to meet their needs and ensure their satisfaction throughout every step of the real estate process.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Micah’s passion for sports is evident in his downtime activities. On his days off, he can often be found at Lakers or Dodgers games, immersing himself in the electrifying spirit of Los Angeles sports. This enthusiasm translates into his work, as he approaches real estate transactions with the same level of dedication and excitement that he exhibits when cheering on his favorite teams.

With his comprehensive knowledge of California, his deep understanding of the real estate industry, and his genuine dedication to client satisfaction, Micah is an invaluable asset to the Bond Street team, delivering exceptional results to clients while embodying the essence of teamwork and professionalism.

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