Lauren Sugarman

Lauren Sugarman

About Lauren

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lauren Sugarman has a unique and heartfelt understanding of her hometown. Having built her life in Greater Los Angeles, Lauren has her finger on the pulse of LA’s best neighborhoods, actively informing herself to better serve her clients’ unique needs and wants.

Having graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies and Ethnicity, Lauren has always had an affinity for culture and travel. Lauren considers herself very fortunate to indulge this passion both by accompanying clients on the International Celebrity Appearance Circuit and traveling the world on her own agenda. Some of her favorite destinations include Paris and St. Petersburg. To expand on her love for the arts, Lauren is an avid creative, painter, and photographer. Nothing thrills her more than a connection—a connection with a person, a place, or a piece of art. It should come as no surprise that Lauren takes great pride in connecting people with a place they can call home. Lauren’s innovative methodology and attention to the small things combined with an understanding of emerging technologies and media platforms enable her to provide clients with a professional, cutting-edge real estate strategy.

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